Cape Coral Shingle Roof Replacement

Our team recently had the pleasure of serving a wonderful client in Cape Coral, Florida. The home’s roof had experienced damage as a result of a previous Hurricane, and required a complete shingle roof replacement to properly repair the roofing structure. Once contracted, our roofing division mobilized and removed the existing roofing system. We installed new underlayment, along with the appropriate flashing, vents, and galvalume metals. Once prepaired, we then installed new 130mph rate TAMKO Heritage shingles to properly protect this home.

The end product turned out great, and our customer can rest easy knowing that their Southwest Florida home is properly protected for many storm seasons to come with a premium shingle roof installed by First Service!

Bonita Springs Shingle Roof Replacement

Our team recently had the pleasure of serving a wonderful customer’s roofing needs in Bonita Springs, Florida. We were recently contacted to conduct a roof inspection on a beautiful beachfront home. Due to the age of the roof, the homeowner elected to have our team replace the existing shingle roof structure. Once contracted, we went to work removing the existing roofing shingles and underlayment. The decking beneath was inspected and re-nailed to local hurricane mitigation codes. Peel and stick underlayment was then applied to the entire roof, and the appropriate drip edge flashing, vents, and galvalume valley metals were installed.

Tamko mousture guard underlayment and their heritage shingles in the thunderstorm grey colorway were installed, to complete the roof on this amazing home. Our customer can now enjoy peace of mind knowing that their home is protected with a 130mph rated asphalt shingle system installed by First Service roofing.

Cape Coral Home Exterior Repaint

Our office was recently contacted by a Cape Coral homeowner in search of a painting company to restore their home’s worn paint. Upon meeting with the client, we discussed the scope of work, color selections, and options for paint. Once contracted, our painting division went to work restoring the curb appeal of this Cape Coral home. Once the perimeter of the home was trenched, we pressure washed the home to remove any surface contaminates and debris. A coat of masonry sealer was applied to all stucco surfaces, and any cracks were repaired with elastomeric patching compound. Additionally, if any caulk at the home’s windows and doors was worn, we removed and replaced as needed.

Sherwin Williams paint products were selected, and the paint was applied using a brush and roll technique. With their home freshly repainted, our customer can enjoy peace of mind with a 10 year limited labor and materials warranty from Sherwin Williams. As Southwest Florida’s premier painting company, we strive to exceed client expectations. We couldn’t be happier with how this home turned out, and are blessed with the opportunity to serve another wonderful resident of our community.

Roof Leak Repair For A Marco Island Home

Our office was recently contacted to inspect a metal roof on a home in Marco Island, Florida. Once inspected it was apparent where the issues were present and what needed to be done to resolve the homeowner’s concerns with their significant roof leak. We began by removing the existing metal roofing panels vertically from the eave up to the ridge, thus exposing the existing dry in underlayment. New peel and stick HT metal underlayment polygas (TU MAX) was applied throughout the entire area. With the roof’s plywood appearing structurally sounds and non requiring replacement, we re-installed the existing metal panels with new 5V wood grip neoprene screws, and resealed any transitions and workable flashing in the repaired area.

By thoroughly inspecting this homeowner’s roof and identifying the source of their leaking roof, we were able to efficiently and affordably repair the home’s roofing structure. Our customer can rest easy knowing that their roof is sound and will protect their home for years to come. We’re blessed to provide the residents of Southwest Florida with an exemplary roofing experience, and are grateful for the opportunity to serve this wonderful customer.



Fort Myers Home Receives New Tile Roof, Gutters, and Exterior Repaint

Our office recently had the pleasure of transforming a wonderful homeowner’s residence in Fort Myers Florida. We were initially contacted to inspect the home’s aged roof, which was found to have normal wear and tear for its age. After speaking with the homeowners, they had sought to modify the look of the home as well with a completely new color scheme.

Once contracted our teams went to work on the home’s roof. We removed the existing tile and underlayment, and disposed of it in accordance with our local code regulations. The roof’s decking was inspected with any deteriorated or damaged material replaced accordingly. Once complete, the decking was re-nailed to meet hurricane mitigation code, and the appropriate tile underlayment was applied to the entire roofs surface. New 26 GA pre-painted drip edge flashing was applied to the entire perimeter of the roof, new 26 GA galvalume valley metal was installed in all valleys, as well as the appropriate vents and closure metal with lead flashing installed around all plumbing stacks. New tile was then installed to the entire roof per manufacturer specifications, which also carries a 5 year workmanship warranty on the tile application, along with the manufacturer’s product warranty. Following the completion of the roofing structure, our team installed new 6″ aluminum seamless gutters with the appropriate downspouts, and splashguards.

As the homeowners wanted to transform the exterior aesthetic of their home, we used Sherwin Williams paint products to paint this beautiful home in their Essential Grey color along with Polished Concrete for the trim. You can view photos of this beautiful transformation below. We would also like to thank the homeowners for trusting our company with their roofing and painting needs. We are thrilled with the final product and are thankful for the opportunity to exceed our client’s expectations!



If you’re a homeowner in Southwest Florida in need of roofing or painting services, we welcome the opportunity to educate you of your options and earn your business. Contact our Fort Myers office today at (239) 652-5784 or fill out the form below to learn more!

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Cape Coral Shingle Roof Replacement By First Service

Our office was recently contacted by a Cape Coral resident in need of a roof replacement. Once inspected it was determined that due to normal wear and aging, that a new shingle roof would need to be completed in order to properly repair the existing roofing structure.

We began by removing the existing layers of shingles, underlayment, fasteners, and roofing material. Once removed, our roofing team inspected the condition of the decking below, along with the flashing and facia board. All damaged materials were discarded and replaced accordingly. The existing decking was re-nailed to meet the current Florida building code and GAF’s Weather Watch leak barrier peel & stick was installed. Following the leak barrier, we installed a layer of APOC peel & stick underlayment along with the appropriate galvalume valley metal in all of the roof’s valleys.

For this roof, our team installed GAF Pro-Start shingles at all eave/rake locations, and GAF’s Timberline HDZ shingles throughout the roof. These state of the art asphalt shingles are weather and wind rated up to 130mph winds! As a GAF Master Elite factory certified contractor, our company proudly installs GAF roofing products for our amazing customers, ensuring peace of mind with their unbeatable product warranties!

With the project now complete, our customer can rest easy knowing that their new roof installed by First Service is backed by a 2 year workmanship warranty and a 50 year non prorated warranty for all GAF materials installed on the roof!

Scope Of Work

  1. Remove existing layers of shingles, underlayment, fasteners and dispose of in First Service dumpsters.
  2. Inspect the condition of existing decking, flashing, and fascia board for their suitability of re-use. Any damaged or deteriorated materials will be replaced on a unit price or time and material basis. See disclaimer.
  3. Re-nail existing plywood roof deck to meet current Florida Building Code.
  4. Furnish and install (1) layer of GAF Weather Watch Mineral-Surfaced Leak Barrier Peel & Stick, self-adhered shingle underlayment, applied direct to plywood roof deck in all valley and penetration locations.
  5. Furnish and install (1) layer of APOC Peel & Stick, self-adhered shingle underlayment, applied direct to plywood roof deck.
  6. Furnish and install new 26 GA – 16″ – Mill (50′) galvalume valley metal in all valleys. Note: We use a closed valley detail.
  7. Install 26 GA galvalume kitchen and dryer vents.
  8. Furnish and install drip edge fabricated from 26-gauge steel with a baked enamel finish. Standard color to be selected by Building Representative.
  9. Furnish and install GAF Pro-Start starter shingle at all eave/rake locations.
  10. Furnish and install 130 mph GAF Timberline HDZ shingles, nailed with (6) nails per shingle, to plywood decking. Color to be selected by Building Representative.
  11. Furnish and install GAF Seal A Ridge Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles at all hip and ridge locations. Color to match field shingle color.
  12. Furnish and install a GAF Cobra Rigid Vent3 Exhaust Vent system at applicable ridge lines.
  13. Furnish and install new lead pipe boots where existing pipes penetrate the roof surface.
  14. First Service will provide 2yr workmanship warranty and a GAF SYSTEM PLUS 50 YEAR NON-PRORATED WARRANTY ON ANY GAF MATERIAL ON THE ROOF. Stain Guard algae protection and 10-year limited warranty against blue-green algae discoloration available only on shingles sold in packages bearing the StainGuard® logo.

Executive Dining & Buffet Room Remodel At The Westin Cape Coral Resort At Marina Village

Throughout Southwest Florida, First Service known to have a strict attention to detail with each service we provide, for every project. Having served the general construction needs of Tarpon Point for many years, we welcomed the opportunity to serve the construction needs of the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village, when an area of their facility needed remodeled. Once presented with the details to remodel the executive dining and buffet area, we jumped at the opportunity to exceed the expectations of this renowned Cape Coral resort.

Once the facilities demolition work was completed, our team at First Service went to work building a wall across the width of the room. We strategically placed the wall to center it between the exterior door and fire alarm handle, which allowed for an efficient use of the available space. Soundproof insulation was installed within all walls, and drywall was hung and completed with a level 4 finish. Accompanying columns and trim were also installed and matched to the wall.

Between the new wall we installed a sheetrock ceiling, while also raising the acoustic ceiling and grid of the executive dining space to the highest point possible with the existing ductwork and air conditioning equipment. Once complete we also framed in all plumbing not enclosed in the new ceiling height with a sheetrock chase, and installed stain grade crown baseboard and molding to match the existing trim of the restaurant as much as possible.

Once all work was completed, our painting division cleaned and painted the entire space including all flat ceilings to properly finish the project and provide the refined, modern look Tarpon Point is famous for. Our team’s dedication, experience, and unique skillset allowed us to efficiently and effectively exceed our customers expectations on this project, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product!

Shingle Roof Replacement For Lithia FL Home

Our roofing division was recently contracted to replace a shingle roof on a beautiful home in Lithia Florida. The home’s current roofing structure served the homeowners well, but having experienced years of Florida’s harsh weather, tropical storms, and hurricanes, came a need for a replacement due to normal wear and tear on the roof. Once approved, our roofing team went to work removing the existing roof covering and underlayment. We re-nailed the decking to local hurricane mitigation code using magnum zinc coil nails, and installed Tamko’s moisture guard underlayment to the entire roof surface. The appropriate 26GA pre-painted drip edge flashing was installed onto the entire roof perimeter along with new 26GA galvalume valley metal in all valleys (a closed valley detail was used), along with 26GA galvalume kitchen and dryer vents, and lead flashing around all of the plumbing stacks.

Once ready for shingles, we then installed a new 130mph architectural asphalt shingle roof system from Tamko, as per manufacturer specifications.  With a new roof from First Service and a quality shingle system from Tamko, our customer can rest easy knowing that their home’s new roof will properly protect their residence for years to come.

Completed Roof Replacement For Duplex In Cape Coral Florida

Our roofing team recently had the pleasure of completing a roof replacement for a duplex in Cape Coral Florida. The existing roof on this structure was aged and had experienced normal wear and tear with minor damage, which yielded a need for a complete replacement. Once approved of by the customer, our company went to work removing and disposing of the existing roof. We then inspected, replaced, and re-nailed decking to meet local hurricane mitigation code. New Resisto peel and stick underlayment was then applied to the entire roof surface, along with the appropriate flashing on the entire roof perimeter. New 26GA valley meatal and dryer/kitchen vents were also installed. Our team completed the installation by installing new 130mph Tamko Rustic Cedar asphalt shingles to the roofing system.

Completed at the end of our tropical weather season, this duplex will be well protected from our harsh SWFL elements and prepared for next years storm season!

Shingle Roof Replacement For Cape Coral Florida Home

Our office was recently contacted by a homeowner in Cape Coral Florida to inspect their roof due to a leak allowing water into the home. Upon inspection, we determined the home’s roof to have several leaks along with damage from Hurricane Irma. We presented the homeowner with their options and were ultimately hired to complete a full shingle roof replacement on the home.

Once contracted our roofing division went to work removing the existing shingle roof layers, underlayment, and fasteners. Once removed, we were able to inspect the condition of the existing decking, flashing, and fascia board. Damaged or deteriorated material was replaced and prepared for installation of a new shingle roof. For this project, our customer elected to install a Timberline HDZ shingle system from GAF. Our customer chose the Shakewood colorway and it accented the home’s exterior beautifully. While this roofing system from GAF can help increase the value of a home, its most impressive attribute is a stellar wind rating of up to 130mph. Pair that with one of the most comprehensive roofing material warranties in the business and a 2 year workmanship warranty from First Service, and you have a roof you can depend on for several years to come! Needless to say this project was completed in a timely fashion and exceeded the expectations of our customer.