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Roof Leak Repair For A Marco Island Home

Our office was recently contacted to inspect a metal roof on a home in Marco Island, Florida. Once inspected it was apparent where the issues were present and what needed to be done to resolve the homeowner’s concerns with their significant roof leak. We began by removing the existing metal roofing panels vertically from the eave up to the ridge, thus exposing the existing dry in underlayment. New peel and stick HT metal underlayment polygas (TU MAX) was applied throughout the entire area. With the roof’s plywood appearing structurally sounds and non requiring replacement, we re-installed the existing metal panels with new 5V wood grip neoprene screws, and resealed any transitions and workable flashing in the repaired area.

By thoroughly inspecting this homeowner’s roof and identifying the source of their leaking roof, we were able to efficiently and affordably repair the home’s roofing structure. Our customer can rest easy knowing that their roof is sound and will protect their home for years to come. We’re blessed to provide the residents of Southwest Florida with an exemplary roofing experience, and are grateful for the opportunity to serve this wonderful customer.