Parking Project At Tarpon Point

Our office was recently awarded a contract to develop additional parking for marine and helicopter use at Tarpon Point in Cape Coral, FL. We completed the project in record time and are grateful for the opportunity to once again serve the general construction needs of our great client!

Scope Of Work:

Provide labor and materials for the below mentioned project:

  • Parking at Helipad Parking spots on both sides of driveway to start right after fire hydrant and catch basin on left hand side.
  • At entrance to helipad driveway, cut and grade as needed 4′ off driveway following existing radius both sides.
  • At driveway to helipad, grade area as needed for parking spots 16′ deep off driveway and approximately 100′ in length.
  • Install base, compact as needed, and top with #57 rock.
  • Extra spoils graded will be uses as needed or hauled away and disposed of properly.

Naples Apartment Exterior Repaint & Repairs

A well known, Key West style apartment complex recently contracted First Service to complete an exterior commercial repaint of the clubhouse, laundry center, maintenance shed, pool house, and 7 residential buildings. As this is an ongoing project, we will keep you updated of its status as the project progresses.


  • Paint Manufacturer: Sherwin Williams
  • Paint System: One coat prime, one coat finish
  • Products: As per Sherwin Williams specification (SuperPaint Satin option will be used)
  • Surfaces Painted:
  • Stucco, EIFS, Brick and Other Masonry Surfaces
  • Wood Surfaces including Walkways & Steps
  • Exterior Side of Doors
  • Ferrous Metal Stairwells, Railings and Doors
  • Aluminum Soffit Gutters and Downspouts
  • Metal Drip Edge
  • Concrete Walkways (4 Coat System)

Scope Of Work

  1. Pressure wash all surfaces to be painted free of dirt and foreign material.
  2. Protect walkways and landscape from paint drips and overspray.
  3. Apply one coat of Sherwin Williams surface conditioner to building surfaces.
  4. Repair buildings cracks (up to 1/16th inch) with elastomeric patching compound. Remove any deteriorated sealants as needed and re-seal with specified sealant.
  5. Apply, via spray and or brush and roll as determined by First Service, one coat of Sherwin Williams paint in specified products to specified surfaces listed under “Surfaces Painted”.

Sherwin Williams 7-year limited product and labor warranty appended to the stucco portions of the work.

Buildings 1-5 (various services to be completed in specified units/areas)

  • Fill holes in foundation floor
  • Caulk around doors, seal threshold or add extension of identified units
  • Replace or fix missing or loose stair risers or tread and secure post and handrail
  • Replace rotten Fascia board, window trim or doors
  • Seal fire alarm conduit 
  • Fix electrical wire above Light
  • Remove old condenser drain line and fix stucco
  • Fix electrical J Box
  • Replace missing soffit panels
  • Reroute condenser drain line.
  • Remove old electrical conduit & patch wall
  • Replace outlet plates
  • Replace or fix damage or missing soffit panels
  • Replace rotten drip edge 1×2 boards

Buildings 6, 7, Clubhouse & Main Pool

  • Replace T1-11 with Hardie wood around house bib
  • Fascia and Soffit repairs
  • Rebuild electrical room, panel box and shed with one door using hardie board products
  • Remove and replace pressure treated wood with hardie board trim, caulk, putty and paint correctly
  • Cutout rotten cedar and replace with hardie board
  • Grind down concrete so it’s not a trip hazard
  • Pushback toe kicks on stairs in original condition and re-nail in multiple areas
  • Replace doors due to rusty and rotten conditions
  • Remove and replace curbing along sidewalk up to 12 feet
  • Remove and Replace trim with Hardie board
  • Repair all staircases on building six
  • Remove and dispose of concrete and re-pour
  • Cut out and replace 3 feet of trim around windows

Covered Walk Project For Tarpon Point

Our company was contracted to provide labor and material to complete the following aspects of a project for Tarpon Point as referenced below.

  • Prep site, paver protection, portable toilet, dumpster, etc.
  • Provide ground penetrating x-ray imaging prior to installing helical piles. (These pictures are in Dropbox)
  • Install 12 Helical Piles as specified per plans.
  • Form and pour concrete layout thru beam.
  • Install pre-engineered wood roof trusses, a 12′ span x 46’11-1/2″ hip roof based on wind criteria as noted on plans, trusses designed as category II.
  • Install tile roof to match existing buildings.
  • Apply stucco, finish to match existing surrounding buildings.
  • Prime New Stucco with Sherwin Williams Loxon Masonry Stucco Primer
  • Apply a consistent coat of Sherwin Williams Super Paint Exterior Satin to All Stucco Surfaces Colors to match Convention Center
  • Clean up jobsite location after completion of project.
  • Install six recessed lights in covered walk ceiling
  • Add two sconce lights on street side of covered walk
  • Install four outlets, one at top and one at bottom of both street side columns.
  • Adjust curbing, asphalt and pavers as needed to accommodate covered walk.