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Cape Coral Shingle Roof Repair & Window Replacement

Our office was recently contacted by a customer seeking a roofing company to perform a shingle roof repair. What initially started off as a simple roof repair also led to a window replacement project. With our companies vast experience conducting remodels, build outs, and general contracting capabilities, we jumped at the opportunity to help this great customer. In addition to performing the roof repair, our team replaced 6 windows with 2 of them being arch top eyebrow styled. An issue with egress came up when replacing the bedroom window as the house was constructed in 1993 and the egress codes had changed a few years later. Our team enlarged the existing window opening in this room to install a larger window to meet the existing egress code. With a newly repaired roof and new windows, our customer can rest easy knowing their home was expertly repaired by our dedicated team at First Service!

Scope Of Work:

Provide permit, labor, and materials to complete shingle repair:

  • Removed shingles in affected areas up to 1 square from the eave to the bird box.
  • Replaced roof underlayment.
  • Install new shingles that match as close as possible in color and style.
  • Wall flashings were reused when salvageable. If they were not, the stucco was neatly cut to remove existing flashings.  New wall flashings were installed as well as stucco.  The walls were repainted to match the existing stucco as close as possible.
  • Jobsite and materials cleaned after completion.

Provide permit, labor, and materials to perform the window replacement:

  • Remove and install six new impact windows in two locations. Three in living room, one with archtop, 4 total windows.  One in guest bedroom with archtop, 2 total windows.
  • Patch exterior stucco and interior drywall as needed from installation of windows.
  • Install replacement screens.
  • Touch up paint and texture for stucco and drywall to match as close as possible.