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Covered Walk Project For Tarpon Point

Our company was contracted to provide labor and material to complete the following aspects of a project for Tarpon Point as referenced below.

  • Prep site, paver protection, portable toilet, dumpster, etc.
  • Provide ground penetrating x-ray imaging prior to installing helical piles. (These pictures are in Dropbox)
  • Install 12 Helical Piles as specified per plans.
  • Form and pour concrete layout thru beam.
  • Install pre-engineered wood roof trusses, a 12′ span x 46’11-1/2″ hip roof based on wind criteria as noted on plans, trusses designed as category II.
  • Install tile roof to match existing buildings.
  • Apply stucco, finish to match existing surrounding buildings.
  • Prime New Stucco with Sherwin Williams Loxon Masonry Stucco Primer
  • Apply a consistent coat of Sherwin Williams Super Paint Exterior Satin to All Stucco Surfaces Colors to match Convention Center
  • Clean up jobsite location after completion of project.
  • Install six recessed lights in covered walk ceiling
  • Add two sconce lights on street side of covered walk
  • Install four outlets, one at top and one at bottom of both street side columns.
  • Adjust curbing, asphalt and pavers as needed to accommodate covered walk.