Executive Dining & Buffet Room Remodel At The Westin Cape Coral Resort At Marina Village

Throughout Southwest Florida, First Service known to have a strict attention to detail with each service we provide, for every project. Having served the general construction needs of Tarpon Point for many years, we welcomed the opportunity to serve the construction needs of the Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village, when an area of their facility needed remodeled. Once presented with the details to remodel the executive dining and buffet area, we jumped at the opportunity to exceed the expectations of this renowned Cape Coral resort.

Once the facilities demolition work was completed, our team at First Service went to work building a wall across the width of the room. We strategically placed the wall to center it between the exterior door and fire alarm handle, which allowed for an efficient use of the available space. Soundproof insulation was installed within all walls, and drywall was hung and completed with a level 4 finish. Accompanying columns and trim were also installed and matched to the wall.

Between the new wall we installed a sheetrock ceiling, while also raising the acoustic ceiling and grid of the executive dining space to the highest point possible with the existing ductwork and air conditioning equipment. Once complete we also framed in all plumbing not enclosed in the new ceiling height with a sheetrock chase, and installed stain grade crown baseboard and molding to match the existing trim of the restaurant as much as possible.

Once all work was completed, our painting division cleaned and painted the entire space including all flat ceilings to properly finish the project and provide the refined, modern look Tarpon Point is famous for. Our team’s dedication, experience, and unique skillset allowed us to efficiently and effectively exceed our customers expectations on this project, and we couldn’t be happier with the final product!