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Residential Flat Roof Repair and Exterior Paint For Matlacha Florida Home

Our office was recently contacted by a homeowner in the process of selling their home to a new buyer. The home’s flat roof was in need of repair, along with a section of drywall that needed replaced. Once contracted to complete the repairs our team visited the home and removed the existing roof covering and underlayment, to properly repair the flat roof using the appropriate materials. Once completed we also replaced, and textured a 2×2 area of drywall on the lanai ceiling prior to painting the entire lanai ceiling for a clean installation.

We would like to thank the homeowner for the opportunity to serve their roof repair and painting needs, and wish them well with the future sale of their home!

Special Materials:

  • Polyglass peel and stick base and torch down cap sheets
  • Sherwin Williams Super Paint

Scope Of Work:

Provide permit, labor, and materials to complete the following:

Flat roof

  • Remove roof covering and underlayment.
  • Re-nail decking to local hurricane mitigation code.
  • Install new 26 GA pre-painted drip edge flashing to entire roof perimeter.
  • The flat roof will be replaced using Polyglass peel and stick base sheet and topped with Polyglass torch down cap sheet.

Drywall repair and exterior paint:

  • Remove up to 2×2 area of drywall on back lanai ceiling.
  • Hang, tape, and texture new drywall.
  • Paint entire lanai ceiling