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Naples Bathroom Remodel

Our restoration division was recently contracted to remodel a bathroom in Sorrento Villas, a condominium community in Naples Florida. We quickly and efficiently served the needs of our wonderful client and love how this bathroom turned out!

Scope Of Work

  • Install new wood furring at walls at shower area
  • Install new shower pan and drain
  • Install new mud bed to provide proper height and pitch
  • Form and install new shower curb with marble sill
  • Install insulation at block wall
  • Install moisture resistant green board at walls in shower
  • Install construction grade 6 X 6 tile at shower area and grout
  • Reinstall existing handicap bars and ceramic towel bars
  • Reinstall existing trim for diverter
  • Remove and reset toilet
  • Replace up to one sheet of drywall at other areas in bathroom.
  • Texture new drywall to match existing
  • Prime and Paint all areas where new drywall was installed to match existing color
  • Install up to 10 LF of baseboard, caulk and seal.
  • Rehang existing bathroom door

Cape Coral Tile Roof Replacement and Balcony Repair

Our office received a phone call recently from a homeowner who’s two-story home had been damaged as a result of Hurricane Irma. Upon inspection, it was determined that a complete tile roof replacement would be the best solution to repair the home’s roof structure. Our roofing division assisted our customer throughout the entire process from start to finish, and they received their new tile roof in record time. Additionally, our restoration team re-sealed the balcony of the home, as it had been damaged as well during the storm.

Special Materials:

  • Tile Manufacturer: EAGLE
  • Style (Profile): CAPISTRANO
  • Color: Weathered Terracotta Flashed
  • Drip Edge Color: BROWN

Re-Roof Scope Of Work:

Provide permit, labor and materials to complete the following:

  • Remove existing tile and underlayment and dispose of in accordance with local code.
  • Inspect existing decking. Damaged or deteriorated decking will be replaced on a unit price basis.
  • Re-nail decking to meet hurricane mitigation code.
  • Install tile underlayment to entire roof surface.
  • Install new 26 GA pre-painted drip edge flashing to entire roof perimeter.
  • Install new 26 GA galvalume valley metal in all valleys.
  • Install 26 GA galvalume kitchen and dryer vents.
  • Install 26 GA eave closure metal.
  • Install new lead flashing around all plumbing stacks.
  • Install a new tile roof system with foam adhesion and or two screw fastener application system as per manufacturer specifications.
  • Provide five (5) year workmanship warranty on tile application. Provide manufacturers warranties.

Balcony Sealant Repair Scope Of Work:

Provide labor and material to complete the following:

  • Apply 100% silicone commercial Tropical roof coating over the entire balcony surface including around the base of each stone balcony columns.
  • Seal all roof to balcony transitions.
  • WARRANTY: SFR will provide a 10-year warranty on labor and material on this sealant.

Coral Village Apartment Pool Deck Repair

Known as a quaint and affordable senior apartment community in Cape Coral, Florida, the Coral Village Apartments recently hired First Service to restore their outdoor pool deck. The existing deck was improperly draining, particularly after heavy rainfall, which caused water to enter the clubhouse. Our restoration team mobilized and fixed the issue by completing the scope of work outlined below.

Scope Of Work

  • Provide permit, labor, and materials to complete the below project.
  • Demo and remove existing 52’ x 12’ pool deck, dispose of properly.
  • Remove existing trench drain, install new at time of pouring new pool deck against building.
  • Excavate as needed to reach proper depth for new slab.
  • Remove existing trench drain, install new at time of pouring new pool deck in between the existing slab and new.
  • Form and pour new pool deck same size and shape as existing, 52’x12’.
  • Create pattern in newly poured concrete, matching existing as close possible.
  •  Clean site of any and all construction debris and dispose of properly.

Estero Florida Residential Fire Restoration

Our restoration division was recently contracted to repair a residence located at Estero Woods, in Estero Florida that experienced fire and smoke damage. The damage occurred due to a fire in the bedroom of one unit. Once hired, our team mobilized and provided several restoration services to repair the residence for their tenants.

Scope Of Work

  • Remove all fire damaged electrical including breaker panel
  • Removal of hard insulated ducts and re-ducting the unit
  • Replacement of air handler with heat element, A/C coil and installation
  • Restoration and repairs to flooring, walls, windows and doors, prep and paint walls and baseboards, restore acoustic ceiling (popcorn texture), replace light fixtures and smoke detectors to entryway, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining/living rooms, and closets
  • Remodel of bathroom, replaced toilet, bathtub/shower, vanity, mirror
  • Remodel of kitchen and replacement of cabinetry, countertops, sink and appliances
  • Detach and reset exit sign in walkway
  • Pressure cleaning, stucco repair, and paint due to heavy smoke, restoration and repair to fascia and soffit in walkways and elevations