Our office was contacted recently by a resident in Cape Coral, Florida with a need to repaint their existing home. Upon reviewing and quoting the project, First Service was hired to complete an exterior repaint using Sherwin Williams paint products. By repainting the exterior, we were able to transform the look of this home to give it a more inviting, and modern curb appeal.

Special Materials

  • Paint Manufacturer: Sherwin Williams
  • Primer: Loxon Masonry Conditioner
  • Stucco Surfaces/Ceilings: Sherwin Williams Duration satin
  • Doors: Sherwin Williams Alkyd based paint

Scope Of Work

  • Trench around the perimeter of home 1-3 inches
  • Pressure wash exterior free of dirt and foreign material
  • Apply one coat of masonry sealer to stucco surfaces
  • Seal masonry cracks, if present, with elastomeric patching compound
  • Inspect caulk at windows and doors, if deteriorated remove and replace as needed
  • Apply one coat of SW duration satin paint, using brush and roll technique, to stucco walls, ceilings, fascia, soffit, bands, trim, and garage door

10-year limited labor and materials warranty issued by Sherwin Williams