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Lehigh Acres Shingle Roof Repair

Our office was recently contacted to perform a roof inspection on a Lehigh Acres home. The homeowner was from out of town and purchased the home, with their insurance requiring the roof to be prepared. Upon inspection it was determined that the home would require a complete roof replacement to properly repair. Our team went to work and completed a thorough repair to the roof, closely matching the shingles until a complete replacement can take place. Once final approval is received from the insurance company, our team will carry out the complete shingle roof replacement.

Scope of Work:

Provide labor and materials to complete the following roof repair:

  1. Remove up to 15 shingles in affected area(s)
  2. Replace roof underlayment and or flashing
  3. Install new shingles that match as close as possible in color and style

Upon completion, the job site will be cleaned of all work-related debris.

First Service will provide a one-year workmanship warranty on this repair.