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Fort Myers Residential Tile Roof Replacement

Our office had the recent pleasure of assisting a customer within the Promenade home community in Fort Myers Florida. The home had experienced roof damage as a result of Hurricane Irma and required a tile roof replacement to properly repair. Once the project was approved, our roofing division went to work removing the existing roof structure and installed Eagle’s Malibu Coca Range tile. Following completion of our customers new roof, we installed new white 6″ aluminum seamless gutters onto the first story of the home. With hurricane season quickly approaching, this customer can rest assured that their home is protected with a new roof from First Service!

Special Materials:

  • Tile Manufacturer: Eagle
  • Style (Profile): Malibu
  • Color: Cocoa Range
  • Drip Edge Color: White

Re-Roof Scope Of Work:

Provide permit, labor, and materials to complete the following:

  • Remove existing tile and underlayment and dispose of in accordance with local code.
  • Inspect existing decking. Damaged or deteriorated decking will be replaced on a unit price basis.
  • Re-nail decking to meet hurricane mitigation code.
  • Install tile underlayment to entire roof surface.
  • Install new 26 GA pre-painted drip edge flashing to entire roof perimeter.
  • Install new 26 GA galvalume valley metal in all valleys.
  • Install 26 GA galvalume kitchen and dryer vents.
  • Install 26 GA eave closure metal. Install new lead flashing around all plumbing stacks.
  • Install a new tile roof system with foam adhesion and or two screw fastener application system as per manufacturer specifications.
  • Provide five (5) year workmanship warranty on tile application.
  • Provide manufacturers warranties.

Gutter Installation Scope Of Work:

Provide labor and material to complete the following:

  • Remove and dispose of the existing gutters and downspouts.
  • Install up to 90LF of new white 6″ aluminum seamless gutters on the first story.
  • Install up to (4) downspouts, (3) splash guards, (5) miters to match existing layout.
  • Jobsite will be cleaned of all work-related debris upon completion.