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Cape Coral Florida Residential Roof Replacement

Project Information:

These homeowners discovered they needed a new roof when their foyer light turned into a waterfall!  First Service was hired to replace their dimensional shingle roof and 6-inch seamless gutters.

Special Materials:

  • Tamko Heritage Moisture Guard Shingles and Underlayment
  • 150 LF Brown 6” seamless gutters and plumbing stacks and attic ventilation

Scope of Work:

Provide permit, labor and materials to complete the following:

Shingle Re-Roof – Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles

  • Remove all tiles and underlayment
  • Re-nail decking to local hurricane mitigation code with Magnum Zinc Coil Nails – .113″x2 3/8″ ring shank.
  • Install Tamko Moisture Gaurd underlayment to entire roof surface.
  • Install new 26 GA pre-painted drip edge flashing to entire roof perimeter.
  • Install new 26 GA – 16″ – Mill (50′) galvalume valley metal in all valleys, using a closed valley detail.
  • Install 26 GA galvalume kitchen and dryer vents.
  • Install new lead flashing around all plumbing stacks.
  • Install a new 130mph Architectural Asphalt shingle roof system as per manufacturer specifications.
  • Remove and dispose of all existing gutters and downspouts.
  • Install new brown 6″ seamless gutters along the entire left side and front of the home and 30 LF down the right side of the home only back to the start of the flat roof at the rear of the home.
  • Install 5 new brown downspouts to match existing.
  • Install 3 outside corners and 1 inside corner.
  • Install pitch brackets to the new gutter due to the fascia pitch.