At First Service, we contract with several multi-family management companies across the state to serve their roofing, painting, and restoration needs. A wonderful client of ours, Weller Management had contacted our office recently with a need for roof repair work on this St. Petersburg apartment complex. The location of a new leak in one of their units could not be initially identified. Our team found the leak to be caused by defective or worn out waterproof membrane near the bird’s box at the roof to wall flashing. Following identifying the leak, we removed the existing shingles at the bird’s box, cleaned the roof bed, and replaced the materials accordingly, ensuring a properly sealed roof structure for our client.

Roof Repair Scope Of Work

Provide labor and materials to complete the following roof repair:

  • Remove shingles at bird’s box at roof to wall flashing in affected 5×5 area to perform work as needed.
  • Clean the roof bed of old nails and any debris prior to replacing shingle.
  • Replace roof underlayment, look for cracks, holes, and rot.
  • Replace roof underlayment up to 5×5 area.
  • Install 2 layers of new 3-tab shingle that match as close as possible in color and style.
  • Re-nail and reseal existing flashing / shingle as needed.