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Roof Installation On Addition For Historic 1925 Mediterranean Style Home

Our roofing division recently had the great pleasure of installing a brand new roof on the addition of this 1925 Mediterranean style home located in historic Fort Myers Florida. This beautifully maintained property has been updated over the past 40 years by its owner and is quite stunning. When it was time to repair the existing roof and install a new section of roof on the home’s addition, our office was contacted. We installed new Verera Red clay tile on the roof. We also replaced the flat area of roof as well ensuring a solid roofing structure to protect this home for years to come.

Special Materials:

Verera Red Clay Tile

Scope Of Work:

Provide permit, labor, and materials to complete the following:

  • Remove existing tile and underlayment and dispose of in accordance with local code.
  • Inspect existing decking. Damaged or deteriorated decking will be replaced on a unit price basis.
  • Re-nail decking to meet hurricane mitigation code.
  • Install tile underlayment to entire roof surface.
  • Install new 26 GA pre-painted drip edge flashing to entire roof perimeter.
  • Install new 26 GA galvalume valley metal in all valleys.
  • Install 26 GA galvalume kitchen and dryer vents. (paint to match as close as possible to color of tile)
  • Install 26 GA eave closure metal.
  • Install new lead flashing around all plumbing stacks.
  • Install a new tile roof system with foam adhesion and or two screw fastener application system as per manufacturer specifications.
  • Provide one (1) year workmanship warranty on tile application.

Attach to existing permit, labor, and materials to complete the following:

  • Flat re-roof over the front left corner on house that attaches to the addition.
  • Remove existing roof covering and underlayment up to the termination bar around the perimeter.
  • Re-nail decking to local hurricane mitigation code.
  • Install new iso tapered insulation system as needed for proper draining of water.
  • The flat roof will be replaced using Black Diamond peel and stick base sheet and topped with CertainTeed GTA peel and stick cap sheet.
  • All material shall be returned up the walls and counter flashed with an exterior stucco stop flashing.
  • All flashings shall be sealed as needed.
  • Clean job site of all roofing debris.

Provide labor and materials to complete the following Stucco repair:

  • Remove four of the existing rake tiles that tie into wall at affected area.
  • Prep affected area with lynx stucco primer.
  • Install stucco termination at base of roof tie-in, to feather the wall true.
  • Apply stucco scratch coat to primed area.
  • Upon proper cure time install build out layers of stucco.
  • Upon completion of stucco fill, texture will be added to replicate existing as close as possible.
  • Upon completion of stucco curing, the affected area will be primed and painted to match.
  • Roof surface at dead valley will be terminated onto the new stucco finish.
  • Existing rake cap will be reinstalled and mortared to finish.
  • Upon completion, job site will be cleaned of all construction debris.

First Service will provide the labor and material to complete the following scope of work:

  • Install up to 1 sheet of drywall on the front side of the upstairs bedroom, under and left of the leaking window.
  • Tape, finish, and texture the drywall to match the existing as close as possible.
  • The existing rake tile on the upper tile roof slope over the stairwell will be re-installed using a foam installation.
  • The rake tile will be mortared in and painted upon completion.
  • The mortar will need to be painted the following day of installation to ensure dry and cure time.
  • Upon completion the job site will be cleaned of all work-related debris.