Our company was contacted and hired initially to replace an old roof on this beautiful home in Cape Coral, Florida. However, when the new homeowners moved in, they noticed cracks in the paint of the exterior walls of the home. The previous homeowner had textured the walls with an old paint product that had stopped being used because of adhesion problems. Therefore, First Service was also hired to remedy this issue, and repaint the home.

Scope Of Work:

Roof Replacement

Provide permit, labor and materials to complete the following for roof replacement:

  1. Remove existing layers of shingles, underlayment, fasteners and dispose of in First Service dumpsters.
  2. Inspect the condition of existing decking, flashing, and fascia board for their suitability of re-use. Any damaged or deteriorated materials will be replaced on a unit price or time and material basis. See disclaimer.
  3. Re-nail existing plywood roof deck to meet current Florida Building Code.
  4. Furnish and install (1) layer of GAF Weather Watch Mineral-Surfaced Leak Barrier Peel & Stick, self-adhered shingle underlayment, applied direct to plywood roof deck in all valley and penetration locations.
  5. Furnish and install (1) layer of Leak Barrier MS300 Ice and Water Armor Self-Bond Peel & Stick, self-adhered shingle underlayment, applied direct to plywood roof deck.
  6. Furnish and install new 26 GA – 16″ – Mill (50′) galvalume valley metal in all valleys. Note: We use a closed valley detail.
  7. Install 26 GA galvalume kitchen and dryer vents.
  8. Furnish and install drip edge fabricated from 26-gauge steel with a baked enamel finish. Standard color to be selected by Building Representative.
  9. Furnish and install GAF Pro-Start starter shingle at all eave/rake locations.
  10. Furnish and install 130 mph GAF Timberline HD shingles, nailed with (6) nails per shingle, to plywood decking. Color to be selected by Building Representative.
  11. Furnish and install GAF Seal A Ridge Hip & Ridge Cap Shingles at all hip and ridge locations. Color to match field shingle color.
  12. Furnish and install a GAF Cobra Rigid Vent3 Exhaust Vent system at applicable ridge lines.
  13. Furnish and install new lead pipe boots where existing pipes penetrate the roof surface.
  14. First Service will provide 2yr workmanship warranty and a GAF SYSTEM PLUS 50 YEAR NON-PRORATED WARRANTY ON ANY GAF MATERIAL ON THE ROOF. Stain Guard algae protection and 10-year limited warranty against blue-green algae discoloration available only on shingles sold in packages bearing the StainGuard® logo.

Remove roof covering and underlayment. Re-nail decking to local hurricane mitigation code. Install new 26 GA pre-painted drip edge flashing to entire roof perimeter. The flat roof will be replaced using GAF peel and stick base sheet and topped with GAF torch down cap sheet.

Remove damaged drywall in garage above sink up to 3 feet Install new drywall in effected area in garage above sink up to 3 feet Match popcorn texture to match as close as possible Match paint color and sheen as close as possible

Exterior Repaint

  1. Trench around the perimeter of the home 1 to 3 inches
  2. Pressure wash the home’s exterior to rid of of dirt and foreign materials
  3. Apply a consistent coat of masonry sealer to stucco surfaces
  4. Caulk where necessary around doors, windows, and j channel.
  5. Seal masonry cracks as needed with elastomeric patching compound
  6. Apply a consistent coat of finish paint to stucco walls, the front of the home, right and left side of home, and the exterior side of the entry and garage doors