Why is pressure washing so important?

Paint is one of the most important moisture protective barriers on your house. It bridges cracks and stops moisture from getting into your block. Paint unfortunately does not last a lifetime. What homeowners need to know is mold and dirt eat at the life of your paint. I personally use a ten year paint on my house and wash it twice a year. I know that my life of my paint will last ten years. I have seen houses that I’ve painted 5 years ago with same paint that are never pressure cleaned. Those paint jobs look horrible and if you go inside and look at the windows and doors you will see signs of moisture. Imagine what your skin on your body would look like if you didn’t wear sunscreen or take a shower for a month. Paint in a nutshell is the same thing except it doesn’t repair itself. When the damage is done the only thing you can do is clean and repaint it.

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