The First Service Difference with Multi-Housing

Since 94 we have narrowed our target market to multi-housing and HOA’s – By specializing in a specific customer niche we can focus on the skills or services that uniquely benefit that customer. Being the best to provide a solution to their unique situation enables us to maximize revenue and build stronger customer relationships.

We Focus on superior customer service – We aim to create the best experience for our customers. From our initial proposal through final delivery of our services, we treat our customers as if they were the only one we have.

Solve a problem – We Find out what common problems our clients have and be the best at solving them. We make our solutions turnkey so we can solve their problems faster and with better results.

Innovative – Continuously try to improve our customer-facing processes to deliver better results to our target audience. Work with the client or get to the solution better or faster than the competition can deliver.

Create offers that are too hard to ignore – We are creative with our service packages and we add so much value that it’s hard to say no.

We are experts in our field –We have built a reputation as the expert in our field through our continuing education with the Florida Department and Business Regulation. People who truly have a problem to solve will want to work with the expert.

We are transparent to our customers about the services we do and why. A couple things we’ve done in our business is that we don’t mark up other vendors products!!! This has resulted in our clients save thousands of dollars!!!!

Also, I am a board member of SWFFA (southwest Florida association ) members since 94, Member of UNET condo association, member of Coma condo association, member of FAHRO (FLORIDA ASSOCIATION OF HOUSING AND DEVELOPMENT

What is important about these associations is it keeps us informed of new code laws set by Florida in each municipality, current laws on insurance and workers comp, new innovative products in our industry, the wants and needs of clients in our industry.

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